How to Find Off-Market Homes for Sale in Augusta

How to Find Off-Market Homes for Sale in Augusta

Off-market homes for sale are those not listed on the MLS and not known to the general public, making them a rare opportunity, especially in markets where competition is fierce, and listings are few and far between. While not easy to locate, typically, these properties have little or no commissions added to the expenses, offering higher returns on your Augusta real estate investment. 

There are many reasons sellers may select this method of home sales; they may prefer to keep the sale private or are selling on their own to avoid paying commissions. In addition, with competition less fierce due to the limited exposure of the property, negotiations are often more relaxed, though you should come prepared to the table. And, of course, you will need to perform the same research and due diligence as with any investment to ensure the property is sound and the location will provide you with the best possible return on your investment dollar. While there is a great deal more legwork involved, reaping the benefits of these off-market deals will prove well worth the effort. So read on as we explore how to find off-market homes for sale in Augusta.


Some websites allow owners to list their homes directly online while avoiding the hassles and expenses of listing on the MLS, and often, these are distressed properties. While the buyer pool is more significant due to the online exposure, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider yourself as competition for these properties. 


Take the time to fully educate yourself about the intricacies of auctions before you jump in to find off-market homes for sale in Augusta. It is very easy to get caught up in the competition at an auction, so set an upper limit on your bidding and stick to it, no matter what. Ensure you are fully aware of the requirements, timeline, and funds you will need to satisfy the auction rules and have ready cash. Professional investors like those at HAS Holdings LLC understand the intricacies of auctions and can help you stay on track.


Networking is an essential aspect of real estate investing, and these social interactions are another way investors can find off-market homes for sale in Augusta. In addition, by actively networking among other like-minded investors and professionals related to the real estate industry, when these deals come to the attention of another investor that may not be right for them, you can be in the right place to receive the lead. Working with professional investors like those at HAS Holdings LLC means you will have the advantage of years of networking that opens rare opportunities to our investors.


Taking the direct approach and contacting owners in a target location you are interested in investing in is another way to find off-market homes for sale in Augusta. In addition, reaching out by mail is a less invasive way to advise homeowners of your interest. However, you should carefully research the presentation, wording, and even the type of mailer you use. For example, postcards can average around a 4.25% response rate with a carefully planned direct mail strategy. You can save the time, money, and hassles of developing and implementing marketing strategies by working with professional investors like those at HAS Holdings LLC.


Driving through the areas you have targeted for your investments can provide visual clues to potential properties you can acquire. Pay attention to those properties that appear abandoned or less well kept than the neighboring properties; overgrown landscaping and signs of disrepair are all clues that the owner may be interested in selling. If driving for endless hours looking to find your next investment doesn’t sound appealing, working with professional investors like those at HAS Holdings LLC is your solution.

FSBO Listing

Owners selling on their own are another great source to find off-market homes for sale in Augusta. Working directly with these sellers without an agent allows you to negotiate without the added expense of commissions and reach an agreement that makes both parties happy. Working with professional investors like those at HAS Holdings LLC to guide you with a winning offer and handle delicate negotiations can make all the difference in winning the deal.

Work With A Pro

There’s no need to worry about paying commissions to find off-market homes for sale in Augusta; we never charge commissions when you work with a professional investor from HAS Holdings LLC. Let the experience of the pros at HAS Holdings LLC guide you step-by-step and do the legwork for you, from locating and researching properties to closing, helping you save time and money while avoiding headaches. Let the full-service team at HAS Holdings LLC jump into action for you, from inspections to closing and even property management; we can handle everything, making it easy to invest and earn passive income in Augusta real estate investments. Contact HAS Holdings LLC at (706) 873-1213.

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